Adaptation is Key

Investment portfolios have to adapt to survive. Most investors have a fixed allocation to stocks and bonds. This is both an industry norm and an inflexible approach that has failed in the past. The chart below shows investment performance in the 1970s, a period defined by high inflation and low economic growth that resulted in massive undperformance by stocks and bonds.

Movement Capital uses models based on two core principles: momentum and value investing. Multiple decades of academic research have found these to be the two most effective strategies at producing above-average returns over various economic environments.1 Movement Capital also recognizes that most investors fall prey to home country bias: investing too much of their portfolio in their local market.2 Our momentum and value strategies span the globe and invest in assets in 35 different countries.

Our approach is custom fit to each client. Be it a younger investor who can tolerate more risk or a retiree seeking portfolio stability, Movement Capital has a solution for your unique needs.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
— Stephen Hawking